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Launched in 2010, PerformaCoat started with a well-built foundation of industry knowledge, and a foremost objective of ensuring intensive customer care.  We embrace the opportunity to exceed our customers’ expectations, while developing trustworthy and long-lasting client relationships.

The knowledge that we bring to each project ensures accuracy and precision in your coating needs.  Our success is based on customer service, prompt turn-around, and quality products.

Whitford Recommended Coater

PerformaCoat is proud to announce that we have been reconfirmed as a Whitford Recommended Coater (WRC).  WRC approval comes after continued hard work by the PerformaCoat team to commit themselves to delivering consistent quality.
November 2016, Houston, TexasWhitford, makers of the world’s largest, most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings, has reconfirmed PerformaCoat, Inc. as a member of the “Whitford Recommended Coater” (WRC) program and awarded a new plaque to Jeremy Parker. Bill Pernice, industry expert for Whitford, states that “PerformaCoat does well in a very competitive market by delivering consistent quality on time to its customer base.
The Whitford Recommended Coater program recognizes custom coaters who meet certain criteria. Among them: The coater must have a thorough knowledge of Whitford coatings and experience in applying them, must complete a Whitford training course held at Whitford Worldwide headquarters, and must have solid quality-assurance procedures in place. All WRC custom applicators go through a rigorous review every two years to requalify for the program.
PerformaCoat, established in 2010, employs personnel such as Jeremy, who has a long history of applying quality Xylan coatings, to satisfy the demands of the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Automotive markets. Adds Whitford’s Bill Pernice, “PerformaCoat is well versed in applying Xylan 1000, 1300 PPS-based, 1400 series coatings, and our Xylan 1212/1213 moly-filled coatings, at its centrally located Houston custom-coating facility.
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