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Nylon Coating


Nylon coatings provide multi-functional protection that is thermally stable, mechanically tough, anti-corrosive and chemically resistant.

  • Service temperatures range from -60°C to 150°C. Can be autoclaved in medical applications
  • Good chemical and corrosion resistance: see links below for specific resistance information
  • Impact resistant: Charpy notched impact strength tests demonstrate excellent resistance at low and room temperatures
  • High abrasion resistance – very smooth surface finish
  • Mechanically tough: high burst strength over a range of temperatures
  • Flexibility: from 1,00 MPa for non-plasticized grades to 150 MPa for plasticized grades; specific fillers can increase flexibility up to 8,000MPa
  • Machinability: can be shaved or machined
  • High creep and wear resistance
  • FDA approved
  • Wide range of colors available

With nylon coatings, gloss levels usually depend upon the coating selected, and typically range from 30 to 70 gloss.

Common Applications for Nylon Coatings

  • Oil and natural gas: underwater flexible pipes, umbilicals, more.
  • Medical: forceps, defibrillator paddles, catheters, tubing hubs and more. Can be autoclaved.
  • Automotive: fuel contact applications such as monowall fuel lines, quick connectors and multi-layer fuel lines, pneumatic brake lines
  • IT applications: wire and cable applications, semiconductors, and more.
  • Water management (potable water contact): water reticulation equipment, impellers, housing on pumps, piping systems.
  • Wire products: dishwasher racks, shelving, etc.
  • Rollers: print and conveyor rollers, pulleys
  • and more
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