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At Performacoat

Our services include Moly, PTFE®, Xylan®, Epoxy, Marine and Offshore Coating, Zinc & NI/MN Phosphating, Dry Film Lubricating, and Grit Blasting. We specialize in applying thermosetting fluoropolymers, baked-on, and air dried industrial coatings.

Performacoat is now applying

Tefzel® (ETFE), Teflon-S®, Halar® (ECTFE), Kynar (PVDF), Ryton® (PPS), Fusion Bond Epoxy Powders , PFA®, FEP®, Excalibur®, Quantum®, Silverstone® as well as anti-stick, release coatings.

Our Guarantee

When our customers call, we answer. When our customer sends a message, we respond. At PerformaCoat, we do not manufacture anything….except the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. This is our #1 Core Value---Always has been, and always will.

Our coatings are used by oil, petrochemical, and other industries on machined component parts, assemblies, and fabrications.


We continually strive to meet or exceed our customers’ quality expectations.   Our years of experience, specialized equipment, documented procedures and continuous employee training ensure that only the finest applied coatings are produced.  Following exact customer specifications as well as industry guidelines, PerformaCoat will uphold all the quality standards required to get the job done right.

We are proud to announce PerformaCoat has attained its ISO Certificate, assuring you that your parts will be processed to the highest quality standards.

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